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My name is Jamie and I am a recent college graduate. I graduated with my B.A. degree in the field of Psychology. Currently, I am studying for the Graduate Record Examinations to gain entry to one of the top Psychology PhD programs within the United States. It is my dream and passion to continue to help people feel comfortable in sharing their inner most selves in order to bring their deepest desires to fruition.

Along with being a phone sex operator for a total of five years now, I have also enjoyed being a manager, trainer, and now I am running my very own company.

I enjoy many hobbies that range from website design to knitting. I am constantly trying new activities, foods, and music in order to find more within this world to bring me joy and peace.

Some of my recent accomplishments are of course graduating college, becoming a small business owner, being a model, a published writer, and self-taught webmaster.

Want to know anything else? I am an open book, so just ask me during our next chit chat!

Warm regards,