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We Don’t Need To Touch Pt. 1

The connection is real. I felt magnetically drawn to you even in those first few moments on the phone months ago. The sound of your voice, low and manly, makes my skin ache and my insides burn. My heart races, pupils dilate, and I can feel the flow of chemicals flooding my senses with one pure thought.


I can’t help but smile and giggle from the power of it all.

You sit there wondering why I am laughing randomly. Then it clicks. “What?” you say with a smile loaded on every letter. You know exactly what is going on because you feel it too.

We don’t need to touch. Your hard dick is a perfect example. I will have you trained so well that you begin to ache when you hear “Hello, this is Jamie!” :)


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Juicy Jamie’s Kinky Phone Fun Fetishes

Fetishes for me change every day and most of the time change multiple times in the same day. It is safe to say that I am a switcher when it comes to power play. I enjoy both very much and get the most pleasure out of either taking power or having it taken away from me.

My Juicy Jamie Blogger Blog has a few stories on it and I am working towards updating kinkyphonefun.com more often with new stories too. The “Fetishes” tab on my blogger blog includes three major sections:

1) Mistress Jamie– A place to go for those of you who wish to be owned. 2) Princess Jamie– This is a place for those of you who want to control and own me. The typical posts deal with themes of Daddy/Daughter, coercion etc. 3) Foot Fetish-Obvious.

What are my fetishes? Well, in fantasy, I have an overpowering desire to be impregnated. I spend so much time, money, and energy on trying to NOT get pregnant that I fantasize about letting that guard down. This fetish of mine takes many shapes and sizes. I fantasize about traditional love being the cause of impregnation. I fantasize about being held down and made to take cum over and over again. I fantasize about multiple guys cumming in me all in one session. I also fantasize about being on top and forcing that cum right out and into me and saying things like “if you don’t want to, then why are you still hard?” mmm. I also love being cum on.

Besides that, I love intelligent conversations, exploring sensuality, gfe, tease and denial, being a slave, and being a bitchy/well trained dom that pushes your boundaries mentally and sexually. I also love about 10,000,000 other things so don’t be shy. ;) Other sections of my blog that might be of interest:

Media– I post a lot of porn I cum to there. We can watch them together if you want! Or, if you want to pick some out for us, I am totally up for that too.

About Me– I post non-sexual personal things about myself for those of you who want to know more about my day to day life. 

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Your dicks want to know where have I been!

Dear Hard Dicks,

I know some of you want to know where I have been. I am sorry to have made you suffer with the lack of quality in my competitors. The truth is that I was very busy and then got very sick. I am better now and will be taking calls starting in March. Excited? ;)

xoxo Jamie

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Kinky Phone Fun Instagram

It’s all in the title! lol I have a new instagram account for my new phone sex company! Cummmmm check it out!

Kinky Phone Fun Instagram

#followforfollow #hashtag #lol

xoxo Juicy Jamie $2/min Kinky Phone Fun 888-872-3753

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Now Offering Check Transactions!

I am so excited to have this new feature available for you! You can now use a check from either your savings or checking account in order to purchase time! :) Check it out (eh…eh…get it?)! lol

Let me know how your experience went and I will give you 5 minutes free on our next call! :) Use code CHECK5 on the phone with me before we get started.

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Kinky Phone Fun-Yummy Cum Bubble Gum

Does it make you sad after you explode on your girlfriend or wifey and they refuse to clean you up with their tongues? Juicy Jamie never refuses! Do you fantasize about a beautiful girl like me kneeling on my knees and begging to gobble up all your cum? I am already on my knees waiting!

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