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The Business Side

How do I do this and what happens?

Breath, don’t be shy I am simply the easiest person to talk to. You just grab your wallet and your telephone. You give me a call at 888-872-3753 and I pick up if I am available to do so. We say hello and introduce ourselves. You decide if you want to phone fuck me. You go to the Billing Page and purchase time in a PCI compliant risk free way that offers 24/7 customer support via CCBill. Once I receive the receipt of payment, within 1-5 minutes, I send you an email with pictures upon request. You call me when you get the pictures and then the phone fun starts! ;) We talk a little and I find out what you want and we go from there! ;) It can be as personal as you want it to be. I will always answer any question and without judgment. I like truly getting to know people, if that is what you want, awesome! Just email me and tell me a bit more about yourself. If you want something more discrete, let me know. :)


How do I contact you?

Visit my Availability page and make sure you call me during my posted time for that day. If my posted schedule does not work for you, please email me at juicyjamie89@aol.com for an appointment and we can definitely work something out. Visit my Contact Me page for other ways to get a hold of me!


How much is a call?

$2.00   per minute for you and I.

$3.00   per minute for you, my boyfriend and I.

$4.25   per minute for a two girl call.

$6.50   per minute for you, two other people, and I.


Canadian residents- Add $0.50 to each.


Is there a minimum?

A call is at least $20 because there is a 10 minute minimum per call. The call can go as long as you want it to as long as you purchase the time up front. If you decide at the 5 minute warning that you would like more time, you can purchase more time and then the call can resume. Sign up for an account through CCBill to ensure a quick repurchase.


How do I pay for the call? 

I accept all major credit cards and major gift cards. Please check my billing page for more information.


What do you do with my information?

I do not sell your information to anyone. I do not call you ever. I do not send anything to your house, unless you purchase an item from me and are expecting a package from me. I email specials rarely but can be taken off my mailing list upon request.


What does it show up as on my credit card?

SK Phone Quote 888-872-3753


Why is the line just ringing and ringing, or busy?

I am either on the phone already, I have my phone on silent to sleep, or I am just not at home.


What countries do you take calls from?

United States and Canada (extra fee).I can also take calls from other countries but we have to chat about it first.


How long have you been working as a phone sex operator?

I have been working as a phone sex operator for years.



The Personal Side

What fetishes do you like?

Well if you haven’t visited the rest of my page yet, the simple answer is a lot! lol I love being sub but like being a spoiled bratty domme. I like fantasies such as: pregnancy, lots of taboo things, mutual masturbation, role plays, tease and denial, cuckold, babysitter, step-daughter, anal, bisexuals, panty sluts, hard fucking, teen slut, pink holed pixie, innocent girl, everything vanilla, age-play, sensual orgasm control, love making, girlfriend experience etc. Pretty much anything goes with me and I am very easy to talk to…so even the shy guys, yes I am talking to you ;) don’t be too afraid to call me and tell me what you want. I don’t judge. I just like pleasing and squeezing the come right out of your aching cock.


How do I contact you?

Visit my Availability page and make sure you call me during my posted time for that day. If my posted schedule does not work for you, please email me at juicyjamie89@aol.com for an appointment and we can definitely work something out. Visit my Contact Me page for other ways to get a hold of me!


What are your stats?

It changes as my activity changes and when my menstruation happens…yay for being a girl! Yes, my breasts get bigger when I am on my period. Lol.


In general:

Height:   5’3

Weight:  107 lbs

Breast:   32-C

Waist:    24

Hips:      34


Shoes Size: 8

Pant Size: 2-4

Dress Size: 00-8


What do you sell?

I sell my panties as dirty as you want them, pussy pops, ass popsvideos , my socks etc. only after the purchase of a 10 minute minimum call. Please visit my Merchandise page for more information on how to get your very own pieces of me! Click on the sub-tabs for panties etc. for more info on how to get those specific items. :) You can also just call me and ask about pricing and if something I have is available for purchase! 888-872-3753 rings directly to me!


Do you meet people from here?

No, it is against company policy.


Do you chat online?

Yes, my screen name is juicyjamie89 on yahoo and on aim. Please keep in mind that although I say that I will chat, I am not always available to chat. My priority is to answer the phone. If you really need to talk to me or ask me a question, please just call me. 888-872-3753 and it rings directly to me.


Do you text?

Yes, scheduling only. 


Do you google chat? 

No, but email me and I can set it up.


Do you do webcam shows?

I do not. However, I can watch you on webcam without linking mine. Why? It is too much work.


Do you Skype?

See above explanation.


Do you have videos? 

Yes, I do. I have all sorts of videos for you to choose from. 40 minute call gets you a video for free. Videos not sold without the minimum 10 minute call. To see more up to date info on that check out my video page.

How often do you update your pages?

I update on my front page, my about me page, my media page as well and my merchandise pages. I am working on getting it all a bit more organized. If you have any ideas on how to do that, please feel free to share. :)


When do you work?

Please check out my availability page for more info on that.


Do I get pictures of you?

Yes, teaser pics for fun. Naked pics with a paid 10 minute call.


How many pictures do I get of you?

A lot. It ranges on the set you request. You will receive between 5-20 depending on the type of call, how long the call is, and what positions or lingerie you request.


What kinds of pictures do I get to choose from?

I have ones from when I was 18 until now in all different types of lingerie and in all different types of positions. I have more modelesque type pictures and more amateur looking pictures. I have pictures of me playing with dildos, playing with fingers, playing with girls, playing with boys, in the shower, in the bed, in the outdoors, girly pics, fetish pics, pics of my feet, pics of me spread, pics of me in crazy outfits and pictures of me in my simple underwear. Just let me know what you are into and I am sure I have something for you. Pictures not sold without the minimum 10 minute call.


Do you work at home?

Yes, I work out of the comfort of my own home. I do live with a roommate who is available to join us schedule permitting. Yes, he knows what I do. Yes, I have fucked him. Yes, I can fuck him on the phone while you listen but two person call rates apply. $3.25 per minute.


Do you do two girl calls?

Not currently. 


Do you do couples?

Fuuuuucck yes I do! $3.25 per minute.


Do you really play with yourself? 

Yes, I am a super nympho…no joke! If you want proof, I can let you hear the wet sliding noises of my fingers or dildo sliding in and out of my juicy cunt. I will also let you hear my vibrator vibe upon request. My juicy cunt begs to be played with multiple times a day. Do you really play with yourself?


Do you really come? 

Yes. If you are sexy and take more than 3 minutes to come, I will come with you!


Do you offer any free time? 

Yes. I sometimes have specials. Ask me for more info on that.

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