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New Caller Special
5 Minutes Free w/a 10 Minute Paid Call

Repeat Caller Special
10 Minutes Free w/a 40 Minute Paid Call

None at this time.



More About CCBill

*Time purchased includes a 5 minute buffer at the end but if you want more time, you have to hang up and purchase more time. Time purchased expires within 30 days. If you purchase time outside of my Availability, it will be saved and can be used for a future time when I am in fact available within the 30 days

*Specials change weekly. Specials start 12:01am PST the start date of the special and ending 11:59pm PST on the last day listed. Limit one new caller special per new caller. Limit one special per call.   Daily special offers are also shared on Kinky Phone Fun’s social media platforms so start following!