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Summer Holiday

I will be out of the country 8/10-8/21. If you would like to schedule a call for before I leave, please email me at juicyjamie89@aol.com. Also, if you want to help make my trip amazing, then please don’t hesitate to do one of the following:


  1. Paypal Me
    1. Click on the link above
    2. Log in
    3. Send money to juicyjamie89@aol.com
  2. Buy Extra Time
    1. Pick any amount from the Billing Page and send it to me.



Juicy Jamie

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Mistress Juicy Jamie

Get on your knees and make Me your God! My name is Mistress Jamie. It takes a lot to impress Me. In order to be owned, you need to impress Me. What are you willing to do? Are you willing to accept the names I gives you? Are you willing to put forth the effort it takes to hold back your orgasms? Are you willing to push the boundaries and explore sexuality with Me? I can be sensual and guide you to the edge or brutal and condescending. Are you worthy of a slave contract? Pick your addiction. Pick up the phone, do not touch your dick, and open that wallet.

Pay Tribute by spoiling Me! Amazon Gift Card PayPal Airbnb Gift Card

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We Don’t Have To Touch Pt. 2

It has been months since the first time we’ve talked. You are constantly alluding to your desire for me with the little touches here and there, the compliments, the giggling, the endless flirting, hinting at me to make the first move, how you want to be a bad boy and take risks etc. I am not an idiot. I know you want me. I also know you want to be deep inside my young pussy. I know you have fucked your hand to me and that makes my tight pussy even wetter. I also know that you are kinky and open minded based on the stories you’ve told me which makes my mind reel. It is always the weird ones that are amazingly fun in bed. ;)

After wasting everyone’s valuable time, you’ve finally mustered up the courage to come over to my place again. I know I can be intimidating. *giggle* It isn’t a secret that I want your dick in me because I’ve told you just that. I like testing you. I let the tension build because it is tasty. “Where is your boyfriend tonight?” you say with a little nervousness in your voice. “He is at his Mom’s again. He knew you were coming over. I told him I would text him when we were done.” We lock eyes for a second, I smirk at you and you get so nervous that you look away. I am tired of dicking around. I know what I want and I don’t want to waste more time.

I can’t stand my aching clit anymore so I leave the room for a few and you start to wonder where I am. You call out to me and I tell you that I am in my room changing. “You can come in. I don’t think you’ve seen my room.” I can hear your footsteps getting nearer and nearer. You are moving so slow because you are still wondering if you want to be that bad boy you and I both know you are. The heat is building in your gut. I love making you nervous.

You open the door a bit and see me laying down at the end of my bed with my legs spread wide. My bald pussy lips are so wet you can hear me playing hungrily between them. My breasts are out of the top of my lace tank and my left hand is squeezing my left nipple. I can tell you are a chicken. You apologize and begin to turn away. “Don’t you even think about leaving. Come. Here.” You walk over to the bed. I look up and smile at you. I can tell how much you are struggling internally…and externally. Your dick is so hard it is throbbing through your pants.

“I have a girlfriend. Fuck.”

I slide my fingers down my juicy pussy lips and into my hole. “You’ve been dating that old woman for like a day. I don’t care about your two week old relationship. I already have a boyfriend anyways. Hanging out with you is a happy bonus but I really just want your dick right here. Take your dick out. I want to see it. Please? It isn’t cheating to look is it?”


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Juicy Jamie Phone Sex Review on Jane’s Guide

I was reviewed by Jane’s Guide and they had so much nice stuff to say about me! Since this review, as you know, I have branched out from Phone Sex Kingdom’s “Company” and am now on my own. I have no time for drama,  only fun! ;) Other changes since starting my own company: I don’t charge more for Canadians now, the details of my worn items are clearly displayed on my personal blog, but my aim/yahoo screen name are still the same so please don’t be fooled into thinking other juicy jamie’s are in fact me, when they are an impostor (juicyjamie89).

Jane’s Guide Phone Sex Review 

Jamie is a drop dead knockout, and she appears to be using her own pictures. She offers phone sex through PhoneSexKingdom, and prices are listed (although you have to go to the PhoneSexKingdom site to see that Canadians will be charged .50 more each minute). This blog introduces you to Jamie, gives a list of her fetishes, shares her schedule, and mentions worn items and movies for sale. I love that her schedule is so clearly listed, and that she updates the blog to let people know if there are any changes. Jamie appears to be pretty adventurous and offers things like incest, ageplay, babysitter, BDSM, cuckold, K9, and “druggie coke whore” fantasies. Her AIM and Yahoo contact info is listed. There is a 10 minute minimum, and she runs quite a few specials that are detailed on the site…- Vamp

Call me for your next phone sex adventure! ;) 5 minutes free after you purchase  a 10 minute call!


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We Don’t Need To Touch Pt. 1

The connection is real. I felt magnetically drawn to you even in those first few moments on the phone months ago. The sound of your voice, low and manly, makes my skin ache and my insides burn. My heart races, pupils dilate, and I can feel the flow of chemicals flooding my senses with one pure thought.


I can’t help but smile and giggle from the power of it all.

You sit there wondering why I am laughing randomly. Then it clicks. “What?” you say with a smile loaded on every letter. You know exactly what is going on because you feel it too.

We don’t need to touch. Your hard dick is a perfect example. I will have you trained so well that you begin to ache when you hear “Hello, this is Jamie!” :)


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Kinky Phone Fun Instagram

It’s all in the title! lol I have a new instagram account for my new phone sex company! Cummmmm check it out!

Kinky Phone Fun Instagram

#followforfollow #hashtag #lol

xoxo Juicy Jamie $2/min Kinky Phone Fun 888-872-3753

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Kinky Phone Fun-Yummy Cum Bubble Gum

Does it make you sad after you explode on your girlfriend or wifey and they refuse to clean you up with their tongues? Juicy Jamie never refuses! Do you fantasize about a beautiful girl like me kneeling on my knees and begging to gobble up all your cum? I am already on my knees waiting!

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New Caller Special 5 Minutes Free w/a 10 Minute Paid Call

Repeat Caller Special 10 Minutes Free w/a 40 Minute Paid Call

Packages None at this time.



More About CCBill

*Time purchased includes a 5 minute buffer at the end but if you want more time, you have to hang up and purchase more time. Time purchased expires within 30 days. If you purchase time outside of my Availability, it will be saved and can be used for a future time when I am in fact available within the 30 days

*Specials change weekly. Specials start 12:01am PST the start date of the special and ending 11:59pm PST on the last day listed. Limit one new caller special per new caller. Limit one special per call.   Daily special offers are also shared on Kinky Phone Fun’s social media platforms so start following!


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Phone Sex Kingdom

Is the company that I used to work for. I am no longer affiliated with this company and although phone sex kingdom has tried copying my intellectual property (my nickname juicy jamie along with my screen name and now the name of my new company kinky phone fun). I want to take this time to let you know that http://www.phonesexkingdom.com/jamie and http://www.juicyjamie.com are not owned by me and do not represent my ideas or opinions in any way shape or form. Thank you for your time.


Best regards,

Juicy Jamie

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Filling your ear with a hot young voice is only the beginning. I am an educated woman who is also well versed in all fantasies and more than that, I just love talking about the real stuff. Getting to know you makes it that much easier to make you shoot ropes of cum everywhere! I love spending time on fantasies but also enjoy sexy scavenger hunts, BDSM training, being dominant and submissive, and delving into the depths of your sexual kinks. The sexiness is all in the details and I love letting you hear just how juicy my little pink pussy gets. Don’t you want to hear my dildo pushing and pulling in and out of all of my holes? I mean it when I say nothing is too kinky. ;) For more,  please check out my FAQ page.

Call (888) 872-3753

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