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We Don’t Have To Touch Pt. 2

It has been months since the first time we’ve talked. You are constantly alluding to your desire for me with the little touches here and there, the compliments, the giggling, the endless flirting, hinting at me to make the first move, how you want to be a bad boy and take risks etc. I am not an idiot. I know you want me. I also know you want to be deep inside my young pussy. I know you have fucked your hand to me and that makes my tight pussy even wetter. I also know that you are kinky and open minded based on the stories you’ve told me which makes my mind reel. It is always the weird ones that are amazingly fun in bed. ;)

After wasting everyone’s valuable time, you’ve finally mustered up the courage to come over to my place again. I know I can be intimidating. *giggle* It isn’t a secret that I want your dick in me because I’ve told you just that. I like testing you. I let the tension build because it is tasty. “Where is your boyfriend tonight?” you say with a little nervousness in your voice. “He is at his Mom’s again. He knew you were coming over. I told him I would text him when we were done.” We lock eyes for a second, I smirk at you and you get so nervous that you look away. I am tired of dicking around. I know what I want and I don’t want to waste more time.

I can’t stand my aching clit anymore so I leave the room for a few and you start to wonder where I am. You call out to me and I tell you that I am in my room changing. “You can come in. I don’t think you’ve seen my room.” I can hear your footsteps getting nearer and nearer. You are moving so slow because you are still wondering if you want to be that bad boy you and I both know you are. The heat is building in your gut. I love making you nervous.

You open the door a bit and see me laying down at the end of my bed with my legs spread wide. My bald pussy lips are so wet you can hear me playing hungrily between them. My breasts are out of the top of my lace tank and my left hand is squeezing my left nipple. I can tell you are a chicken. You apologize and begin to turn away. “Don’t you even think about leaving. Come. Here.” You walk over to the bed. I look up and smile at you. I can tell how much you are struggling internally…and externally. Your dick is so hard it is throbbing through your pants.

“I have a girlfriend. Fuck.”

I slide my fingers down my juicy pussy lips and into my hole. “You’ve been dating that old woman for like a day. I don’t care about your two week old relationship. I already have a boyfriend anyways. Hanging out with you is a happy bonus but I really just want your dick right here. Take your dick out. I want to see it. Please? It isn’t cheating to look is it?”


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